Phantasmat is a game full of mystery and dark secrets. Each place you visit is a keeper of some story, each character has something to hide. It's up to you to discover all of the game's mysteries, but here's a little primer:


Drowned Dead Hotel: A lonely hotel standing atop eroding cliff. It has seen better days, but it's still a home to a cast of eccentric characters. Somehow this grim place is in the center the dark mystery surrounding the flooded town.
Nobody remembers when the hotel was built, and it was always a subject of gossip. They say that its last owner was quite an odd person, and that one day he disappeared without a word. The new owner isn't free of suspicions either...
Drowned Dead Hotel
Town Ruins: This once used to be a lively main street of a small but vibrant town. Then the dam collapsed and murky waves turned it into the ghost town of today.
The place is deserted since many years, yet one can't shake the feeling of being observed when walking down the soaked streets. There are many stories about this place. Some say it's haunted, others claim that a large sum of robbed money was hidden there by a runaway gangster. Who knows, it may be even true.
Town Ruins
Cemetery: On the other coast of the lake lies the most peculiar cemetery. Sitting on a hill, it wasn't destroyed by the flood, yet something is clearly not right about it. The gravestones bear no names -- were they removed for some reason or was it always like this? Why the candles are always lit, if noone visits the graves there anymore? Maybe it's somehow related to the rumors of a mysterious stranger wandering around the cemetery at night, supposedly hiding in the old graveyard keeper's lodge.
Mayor's Grave: Even before the flood, the town wasn't free of dark mysteries and suspicions. This grave is a solid proof of that. Under the ornate crypt rests the town's last mayor, who died suddenly at young age. He left his whole fortune to his beautiful wife. That was more than enough to get people talking. Some suggested she had something to do with his demise, that she had planned everything to the last bit. Is it true? Probably not, and there's no way to learn the truth now -- nobody knows what happened to the mayor's wife after the town was evacuated.
Mayor's Grave
Church Tower: The grimmest reminder that the lake below the Drowned Dead Hotel was once a beautiful town - a lonely church tower rising from the water. There's no way to get inside anymore, and nobody in their right mind would want to do that anyway. Even if the stories about a tragedy that happened there are untrue, it would still be too dangerous.
When the weather is clear, you can still see the rooftops of buildings surrounding the church through the water's surface. A frozen image of the lost town.
Church Tower
Diving Suit: The town ruins are full of weird places and mysterious things which purpose can only be guessed. Like this diving suit. Someone left it in a basement connected to the town's sewers system. Why? Have someone planned to search the submerged town? For what? Maybe those rumors about the robbed money hidden in there are more than just gossip after all.
In any case, there's no way to know for sure now. Whoever left this weird gizmo, is either already dead or left the town long time ago. Who knows, maybe he did found something.
Diving Suit


The Girl: The girl came to the town to find some seasonal work and got hired as an assistant in the hotel. After the flood, she decided to stay at the hotel for some personal reasons.
She seems quiet and reserved, but those who know her better say that she's become like this after experiencing some personal tragedy. Deep inside she's a romantic and helpful soul, far more willing to trust people than she initially wants to show.
The Girl
The Hotel Owner: Current Drowned Dead Hotel's manager is a distinguished charismatic man, and a walking mystery. Nobody knows anything about his origins, but for some reason he never left the town after the dam disastar and successfully runs the hotel to this day. Seemingly elegant, polite and glib, he clearly has an edge to his personality, that he would prefer to remain hidden.
The Hotel Owner
The Old Lady: The eccentric old lady puzzles everyone. She moved to the hotel shortly after the flood, and stayed there to this day. She says she doesn't have any place to return to, and that she's too old to travel elsewhere. Often lost in memories, she's more than eager to tell stories about her glamorous life to anyone offering a listening ear.
Sometimes she may seem a bit confused or senile, but it's clear that this mysterious woman has her wits about her and that she knows her way around people.
The Old Lady