About Game

The engaging plot of Phantasmat is revealed step by step as you solve challenging puzzles, in a unique blend of hidden object and match-3 gameplay. The hidden object mode features hand painted levels, and random objects to locate, providing lots of replayability. On the other hand, the match-3 mode allows you to uncover the hidden objects using an alternative method.

While most of the gameplay is centered on the hidden-object & match-3 modes, Phantasmat is also filled with various additional mathematical & logical puzzles which require solving to advance the plot. All puzzles come in three difficulty flavours ranging from a casual experience to an extreme level suitable for hardcore puzzle solvers.

Nearly an hour of atmospheric music accompanies you throughout the game and all of the characters that confront you are fully voiced, including an appearance by Michael McConnohie of Diablo 2 and World of Warcraft fame.


If regular edition of Phantasmat is still not enough for you, there is also Collector's Edition available. It extends the gameplay time with over an hour-long Epilogue adventure, tying some of the plot's loose ends. It allows you to go back to and master all of the hidden-object scenes and all of the match-3 puzzles. There is also an extremely helpful Strategy Guide integrated with the Collectors Edition to help you advance through tougher moments of the game.

In addition to all those gameplay enhancements you also get access to bonus content including: concept art with developers commentary, exclusive wallpapers, character bios and full game soundtrack.

Phantasmat Collector's Edition Screenshot - Bonus Content Phantasmat Collector's Edition Screenshot - Bonus Content

Also, as a bonus for the iPad owners, Collectors Edition can be unlocked via the in-game purchase, without the need to download whole application again.

Still not convinced?

You can try the game out yourself!

Phantasmat demo version for the PC and Mac lets you experience a full hour of the regular edition gameplay. Phantasmat LITE for the iPad, being a smaller download, offers the first chapter of the game which represents about half an hour of gameplay, including: 3 puzzles, couple spotter/match-3 scenes and an introduction to game plot and characters.